This is our Passion…

To make you happy! By making things you love, yourself. Love clearly goes through your hands. We simplify the process. By using our tools and machines, by choosing the right materials and simpler designs. We design the processes so that everyone can make beautiful things. Simply, without complications!

We are a boutique manufactory, and we are a visionary design agency. We focus on product design with the claim that you really love what you do in your everyday life with all your heart!

The People’s Factory strives to be a place of new ideas, creativity, enthusiasm, enjoyment and enrichment for everyone.

We are back! Create Your Own Collage Work of Art!

Collages are colourful, cheerful and spontaneous works of art that look great on any wall.

Under the guidance of Maria Fernanda Schulz (@mfernandasarte) – an artist from Colombia, full of passion and energy, you will create your own collage work of art.

More information, dates and registration …

Create something with your own hands

In the People’s Factory, Moments of Joy already start when you hold the great materials in your hands. When you feel their natural feel. When you slowly transform them into a beautiful everyday object. That’s when the story begins, with the curiosity and enthusiasm to create something of your own.

  • We empower, encourage, motivate you because we wish nothing more than for you to discover the joy of making things yourself.
  • You will experience the fascination of making, in a protected space where you can be courageous, curious, creative and productive!
  • We support and encourage you in your own strengths, so that you can be creative in your own way!
  • You will come into contact with materials, tools and techniques that will make you grow beyond yourself.

What you need to bring with you to make your own everyday objects in the People’s Factory? No previous experience, just a real longing for beautiful moments in your life!

The highest art of sustainability is…

….to only let things into your life that provide beautiful moments and true joy every day!

….to make things that are not only useful in everyday life, but also bring joy every day, last forever and really grow on you!

But most importantly: It’s not the things we own that make us happy. It’s the moments we experience with them. Experiences that tell the stories of your life and that make us pause for a moment when we think about them.

A cosy and relaxed atmosphere

Creativity needs space, ideally space that inspires. You’ll have plenty of that in the People’s Factory. The “beautiful” factory smoothly transcends into a “living room” where you can relax, sit with like-minded people or friends and enjoy something wonderful from the plant. kitchen in peace. Creativity also makes you hungry.

A team experience that welds together

Literally. Those who weld, mill and sew together get to know completely new sides of each other.

In creative workshops or team events at the People’s Factory, companies can design objects together that create a bond as soon as they are made. After all, the hours spent together invite you to create stories that all participants will remember with pleasure and tell others.

In addition to a relaxed and somewhat different time-out for teams, individual merchandising to match the branding or decorations to adorn a salesroom, a restaurant or other places, can also be the topic of workshops. Or how about a very personal give-away for guests at an upcoming event – be it the Christmas party, a conference or the company anniversary.

Even an extended lunch break – with lunch in the living room – can be enough to create the design. Then we take care of the production. Teams who want to experience the whole experience can hire the studio for a half or full day.