A team experience that welds together

Literally. Those who weld, mill and sew together get to know completely new sides of each other.

In creative workshops or team events at the People’s Factory, companies can design objects together that create a bond as soon as they are made. After all, the hours spent together invite you to create stories that all participants will remember with pleasure and tell others.

In addition to a relaxed and somewhat different time-out for teams, individual merchandising to match the branding or decorations to adorn a salesroom, a restaurant or other places, can also be the topic of workshops. Or how about a very personal give-away for guests at an upcoming event – be it the Christmas party, a conference or the company anniversary.

Even an extended lunch break – with lunch in the living room – can be enough to create the design. Then we take care of the production. Teams who want to experience the whole experience can rent the studio for half, full or several days with an “all-Inclusive” package.