Your Own Masterpiece

You want to make something completely your own, personal. Something that no one else has and that is completely in keeping with your taste, your needs and your own style. A unique piece – Your Own Masterpiece!

No problem, let’s tackle your personal project together. We will assist you from start to finish. You decide the pace, you create your own design with our help, select materials, create one or more prototypes, develop the respective digital “patterns” and finally finish your own product personally.

You don’t need to be a professional or have attended machine and other courses beforehand. We are by your side and we make sure that you proudly take your masterpiece home with you. With your favourite music in the background, coffee with something sweet, a glass of wine now and then if it’s in the evening or even lunch together. This project will become something unforgettable for you! Of course, we will record every step of the way and at the end we will present you with a photo book.

Have we sparked your curiosity? Then contact us so that we can sit down together and talk about everything.