This is our Passion…

We want to make you happy. Because love clearly goes through the hands, making things yourself makes you happy! With us, you make your own personal and beautiful everyday objects. We design the processes and designs in such a way that they can be made by you without any previous knowledge. Simply uncomplicated! Just not faster! Something personal and beautiful always takes time! But it makes you incredibly happy!

We are not only a boutique manufactory, but also a visionary design agency. Our standard for product design is that you really love what you do in your everyday life with all your heart! No compromises!

The People’s Factory is a place full of new ideas, contagious creativity, lively enthusiasm, true enjoyment and many exciting encounters for everyone.

New Joyful Moments for You!

The highest art of sustainability is…

….to only let things into your life that provide beautiful moments and true joy every day!

….to make things that are not only useful in everyday life, but also bring joy every day, last forever and really grow on you!

But most importantly: It’s not the things we own that make us happy. It’s the moments we experience with them. Experiences that tell the stories of your life and that make us pause for a moment when we think about them.

Sustainability is very important to us! It starts with you taking the time to do something good for yourself!

A cosy and relaxed atmosphere

Creativity and productivity need space that inspires and gives strength. That’s why you’ll have plenty of it at the People’s Factory. The “beautiful” manufactory merges seamlessly into a “living room” where you can relax, sit comfortably with like-minded people and enjoy something wonderful from the plant. kitchen in peace. Making something beautiful yourself not only takes time, but also makes you hungry.


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